There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Gujarati Samaj of Minnesota. For example, the Samaj is a great way to preserve our culture and it is the best way to pass it on to our children. As a member, you can attend most events for free. In addition, you will get a Membership Directory listing all the contact information about other members. There is simply no better way to preserve our rich Gujarati heritage. Learn more about Samaj Membership Benefits. The membership form is located at the bottom of this page.

Membership Types & Fees

Individual (I)
(Please note: Individual with dependent parent will be treated as FWUC membership)

$75 / Full Year

Couple With No Child (CWNC)

$135 / Full Year

Family With Unmarried Children (FWUC)

$190 / Full Year

Add-On Dependents
(Apply to CWNC & FWUC base-tier memberships. Dependent parents, In-laws are considered to be additional dependents.)

$25 / person / Full Year

Join the Samaj / Renew Memberships

All the memberships are on ANNUAL BASIS ONLY. There are no longer "before/after Diwali options" and "no prorated membership rates". Our membership year starts on Diwali event each year. For any queries regarding membership signup/renewal please contact us at

Please use this below Renew Membership Online button to Re-new your Gujarati Samaj Membership online
Payment will be done via Gujarati Samaj PayPal account. Please follow the link provided in the Membership form.

Renew Membership Online

If any of these above option do not work for you contact us by email, contact a committee member, come to any Gujarati Samaj event.

Please encourage any Gujarati friends and relatives to become members and keep our culture alive.

Note: Guest Attendance to GSMN events will give you very limited benefits. Perhaps, guest has to pay charges to attend all events which may vary based on the events (Typically $15 and $20). Becoming a member is actually a much better deal than paying for individual events. Lets say you plan to attend 4 events of Navrati and 1 of Diwali as a guest, this will cost you roughly $80 per person. However, if you are a member you can attend all events for under that price and SAVE a lot. With Family, the savings increases even more.